Thursday, February 19, 2009

::tagged reply::

#1 describe 10 things about kourue who tagged me.
-jackass ...js kiddin
-smokes alot..
-deny that he's in a relationship eventhough he is..
-loves football..(liverpool)
-open minded..
-failed in his first driving test ...
-plays fifa like whack chop..
-he used 2 influent other to play cnc but at the end he ended up not playing it nemore..
-sengal2 tapi pandai dlm civil nyer bende,..
-suke tgk anime hentai..hahhahaha

#02 - Now u have to describe 10 things about yourself.
-zzz(mls nk describe pasal diri aku,,,)

aku tak nk tagg org..

::tagged reply::

#1 describe 10 things about ashin who tagged me.
-wire rosak slalu...tak pernah nk repair..
-gile2 tp baik org nyer..
-main badminton cam nk bunuh orang ..
-pandai tp mls..
-kat unisel buat bende lagi sengal dr kt uniten..
-ade kete kancil
-mat rempit kot..ntah la.
-always brag about civil rule..perg..
-kene buli ngan kogi n selva n jeevan time unisel dulu..haha
-name bertukar2 slalu..dulu parate ..parate pundek.. ashin..sapik...capik..pastu jadi blik ashin...haiz...

#02 - Now u have to describe 10 things about yourself.
-perangai tahap lahabau..
-giler2 gak tp care nerd..
-bangga ngan koleksi2 kasut gua...
-laptop dh mati buat sementara waktu..masuk kedai tuk repair...
-Suke join NHK...
-benci MLM(multi level marketing) cara cibai untuk hidup..
-bleh tahan dihina / kutuk/ caci / cerca etc....tak de prob...
-rabun cahaya..operate kot dulu..
-suke amoi cute2 tapi yg x melampau sgt...nk mati amoi tuh kene cubit..
-suke amoi jenis rebelious (cam paramore tuh) red hair pref..donno y...

3.sape pun aku tagg..

takde dh lg hutang tagg,,...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

::tagged reply::

after being suck in into this tagg crap thing ..well i decided to reply it...-_-.....

#1 describe 10 things about MeorShukri who tagged me.
-name die mad ke meor ke aku tak tau..
-nape ko tagg aku la...
-sengal2 tapi baik...
-ade camera baru tapi tak tangkap gambo aku..!!!
-hisap rokok dunhill
-suke tengok porn tapi tak ajak aku join..sial..
-ade moto aa ngan moto aku..
-same class dynamics ngan aku...
-main badminton ngan ijat n the gang...
-suke men sep sep tom tom...

#02 - Now u have to describe 10 things about yourself
-selalu dikutuk/ dihina...
-tak ade motif untuk hidup..
-pernah cube untuk suicide tapi di halang oleh member..(thx man..)
-terase hidup nih amat membosankan n memenatkan
-suke men game yg gempak2 tapi suck big time..
-men badminton suke2 jeh..x suke men untuk menang..
-agak nerd ...
-suke thermo tapi benci uncle cibai mamat tuh..
-dynamics x catchup baru nk kow tim
-bleh cast spell cam character dota tapi x reti nk bunuh org lg...dlm 5 tahun pasti bleh....zzz

At the end, you need to choose 5 people to be tagged and list their names.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

cny hols.....

its been one heck of cny this many things happen in a week..but i need more more least another week to fully enjoy the new year..haha..first up..on the makan besar day..haha..steamboat, bbq n drinks..the best night ever..but sadly i only manage to capture some pics only bcoz of my stupid phone..out of batery..typical prob when i have some crazy started at 8pm..bloody hell early..bcoz of one my uncle la..aiseh..but end up around 3 plus plus...hehe..the bbq was good coz i was the 1 who prepared it..lolz..60 chicken wing n lots of prawns..coz neva count so cant really give a figure..neway...preparing those stuff really killing ya..60 man 60..not a easy task..summore have 2 marinate them 4 a the seasoning will mix up evenly..haha..(talking like pro chef)lolz..
the shitty part is there's no drink at as if no plain water or cordial water..walau..its my auties sien..the only "water" is shandy,beer, and i take the mid a taiko so not really wanna cabar my uncle drink shandy, teen and not so teen take beer, uncles,aunties, gdpa,gdma the high level drink..chee sin wor..but only 2 liquor la..jack daniel n martael..(not really sure about the spelling la.)
but super fun..this time whole family join n some close friends join too..
other than that the typical cny activities: poker(cho tai ti ONLY), mahjong, true or dare, bla bla bla..etc..)biasa the end suppose to end it with a bang but since this year econ we all play some ciplak sien wor..mercun mancis, ketupat dan bola...zzz
haha..the next day..go visit relatives..(all still mabuk2 mood), collect angpow*(200++ only..haizzz..when ask y so little le??ans: econ crisis)ces...drink family all gila drink..haha..wanna challenge aa...balik practice dulu la.. makan makan summore for a few day la..repeating the same activities..serious..haha...
then i think on "chor sam" go for a thai band concert la..1st time..thai band(Kala)..okok la..but i dont really know their songs so abit blur2 la..but the best part is not the band but the "backup" singers..aka the crowd..all mabuk already so nyanyi pun sumbang menari cam
then next day repair laptop cousins (format kedai la plak)..
6 laptops..dammit..coz i do it for free..lolz...when wanna come la plak..too much hols..den suddenly got 6 days im okay..then suddenly fall sick..cibai..haiz..
now back here...missing the hols adi..lolz...okok.too much adi..will post sum pic next time..
zzz... ps: (if u wanna puke or feeling sick bcoz of this post.dont blame me n u cannot sue me..baca sendiri tanggung sendiri..)