Tuesday, February 28, 2012

progress yg x brp nk progress sgt..

Halo2..trimas kerna membace blog aku..walaupun aku tau..xde orang bace pun..but to be optimistic..kene le sentiase positive..ptuih...ahhaha...Ntah..lps balik panjat bukit tabur..aku mcm xde idea ape nk bantai kt progress report 3 nih..patut skrg dh crunch time sbb tinggal brp ari jeh lg nk kene hantar report tuh..tp ntah la..aku cam not in the zone tuk menyiapkan nyer..asik merewang kt tempat lain..pikir camner nk obtqin data klu ko xde experiment/sofrware developement..sucks gak aku nyer fyp nih..tanye lec..die pun x sure..habis dh aku sorang jh yg kt uniten wat diesel...org lain wat biodiesel..lol..zzz..

Pastu ntah tetibe jeh aku cam miss si dia...hahaha..bler aku dok lpk ngan die mmg slalu kene maki/troll sbb aku kan engineer..mane la pandai cam doc..tp bler die dh hilang rase bosan la plak..credit xpenah kurang..xde morning call..n i kinda miss the bashing..tp ade gak bashing yg mmg buat panas ati..ntah..kene cari sumber inspirasi nih..klu x bleh mampus aku nih...

Oh ya..sape yg grad uniten sem lps mmg untung..xde korang kene wat capstone..mcn lahanat subject tuh..keje cam mdp cume kene setel dlm 8 minggu..hotak die..uniten nih makin lame mcm cibai..aku kene cpt grad nih..klu x lg susah..adios peeps...

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Monday, February 27, 2012

bukit tabur bikin wa terabur..

from the title you can probably guess wats install for this post..mainly on the experience on the hiking/walking/rope climbing/sesating and puking...hahhaha...yes..sadly to say i have puke on the early journey...not once but twice..hahaha...its been an embarrassing moment for me...i must say that it really felt good after puking...i dont really know why..maybe its the things that i ate b4 climbing...moral of the story.....b4 going to sumwhere that is abit extreme...get some fucking sleep...eat light breakfast..skip milk..they suck..trust me..i got the 1st hand experienc...apart from the suck beginning...the overall experience was enjoyable..and we also got lost on the wood..sumthing i neva felt b4..i been to the jungle for numerous times...(i got a big orchard back at kampung)..so getting lost neva on my mind...it was funny as the guide aka kutil was not sure where we're heading..but all of us just push on as we are lazy to climb up back as the trail kinda suck..and its raining btw..so its not really a good idea to race up to the hill with raining and some of us( esp me) was wearing badminton shoes..which is not a good idea if you wanna go hill climbing...its slippery and practically no traction what so ever...all us just push on and finally made it to the nearest exit..which is like a 1km from the entry point..ahhahaha....maybe ill skip this kinda activity for a while..lek dlu...next time maybe broga again..bleh la ajak lisa suriani mai skali....ahaahhhahaha.. peace out               oOo...(-__-)....oOo