Thursday, January 22, 2009

lala lolo...

uhh, not gonna write granma gdpa stories inside here like others..neway...what a relief...after finishing thermo..we all go "yam cha" at some restaurant la..not sure whether it's a restaurant or gerai..donno dont care long can "chiak pui", good enough for me...SOHO..they got variety of food la.. but price tag...walauwei...very ex le..pokai liao if chiak there everyday..once in a while okok la..

back to the thermo thing..every1 is so stress le..fin thermo is like fin in final exam wor..go makan2 den borak2 lo..walau...haha..if can drink summore aa...walau shok kwor..haha...but cannot le..nvm cny kaw2 hantam...sampai pengsan...hahha...

PS: im not gonna find the typo or anything in here..wei asri..malas la..haha...if cannot understand the word...type in the shoutbox..haha... if u wanna puke or etc because of reading this blog please do so but do not sue not responsible for ur wellbeing...zzz

Monday, January 19, 2009

what a fuck up day...screwed up big time in the quiz..arrgh... well hope for the best this upcoming test..its gonna be fucking hard n no more goofing off.. tired n depression starts to kick into 2nd gear this week..two test in a others got three in a week so im not gonna complain on dat stuff too much.. cny is getting nearer..i can smell the money n the most important..booze non stop for the whole day..hahaha.. add few thousands of KJ in my belly but its worth it..
maybe some new n more ridiculous update this coming new year( cny not the new year 2010)
maybe some pic or vid..well see..any1 good in thermo plz lend a hand.. need a volunteer to teach me from A to Z..basicly i know nothing bout way...just that a guidance shud be suffcient to once again a reminder..if u wanna puke or etc because of my stupid post plz do so but do not sue not responsible of ur wellbeing...(PS: viewer discression is advised)wtf...zzz..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

after so long..

after a few months of no post(aka i never post anything at all) finally i got got my time to spend on this crappy so called blog.. well thanks to ashin*(name is censored due to confidientallity)haha..

well for some ppl blog is the place to realese the anger/pain/desire to kill sum1 or be killed/or etc..for me its just another thing to try before i die..(sumthing like my wat to do b4 u die list)

life for any uni student's is always sucks..if sum1 tells me that they are having a blast..they r an one is enjoying this stage of life..its just that a process that u have to go through before adulthood..duh..

okay then..any suckers that read this if u got sick or wanna throw up..please do so ..but dont sue not responsible for ur wellbeing......zzz